Lynn Cesar
Lynn Cesar, a native of New York City, has a background in fine art, including holography and illustration.

It was while she was illustrating the Popul Vuh that she became interested in Mayan mythology, and this resulted in Apricot Brandy, her first novel.

She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children
The Mayan deities are among us now. They are the very Earth we walk on and abuse. We are on the eve of a battle between the outraged Underworld and humankind. Enter that world through excerpts of Lynn Cesar's Apricot Brandy.
Lynn Cesar is delighted by her discovery of Juno Books. Only they, she feels, could have provided the appropriate home for Apricot Brandy.

Lynn encourages her readers to leave a comment about her book in the Reader Forum. Please also share with us any other books or films that will interest our readers.

Lynn is blogging on media, books and music and upcoming events of interest to the Fantasy community.



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